Web-Conference is an online meeting in which to discuss with a learning partner the topicCartoon laptop that both of them are interested in. Reflect on my web-conference experience, I think it was amazing to talk with someone I had never met before, while we have some interesting in common which made it no any barrier to start talking at all. My learning partner is patient, thoughtful and understanding. I was inspired by her hard-working and ambitions. She has extensive teaching experience and has a nose for the trends in MOOCs. Actually I have learned a lot from my learning partner. What was the most impressive for me was that she was able to quickly catch on the points in an article and to get insight of the impact on traditional classes. She particularly concerned about potential influences on traditional teaching methods and roles of instructors if MOOCs could offer credits to the participants over time. Actually, I really enjoyed talking with my learning partner and we are certainly friends now.